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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 20, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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the incident commander established a collapse zone to make sure there was no one in front of the building and sure enough parts of the facade did give way. fire breaks out on
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san francisco's waterfront. an historic pier reduced to a burned out shell. good evening. i'm alan wang. dan ashley has the night off. a significant portion of the embarcadero is closed from bay street to broadway. it will be shut down until midnight. a live picture of pier 29. firefighters are working on the hot spots and they will be on site for quite awhile. for the latest on the traffic situation let's go to leslie brinkley live on the waterfront. leslie? >> reporter: not a good night to be he driving in the city. not quite as bad if you were walking or a tourist trying to get between places but the commute was horrible. broadway behind me here still going out of the city. you can see it is backed up some what. i can tell you just even a half hour ago it was much worse than this. bad throughout the city. just because the embarcadero was completely and is is still completely shut down in both directions having a big impact with gridlock traffic. traffic blocked as you said at
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both broadway and at bay street sand they expect the closure to go all the way until midnight if not beyond. and with the waterfront closed traffic going especially west and north was a mess at rush hour. golden gate transit diverted buses running along sam son street and muni's f line between the ferry building and fisherman's wharf is still even at 9:00 tonight now out of is service. traffic still backed up as you saw on broadway on up to columbus avenue. also california and market still experiencing the fallout from that closure along the embarcadero. again, it is improving, things are moving a little bit better but still a very bad night to be driving in the city, much better to be walking some where. reporting live in san francisco, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. thanks, leslie. the traffic still a mess tonight. more than 7 hours after the fire started. here is what it looked like earlier from sky 7 hd. abc 7 news reporter heather
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ishimaru has been covering the story all day. >> reporter: firefighters started out attacking flames on the roof but quickly decided it was too dangerous to stay there. >> when they got up on the roof they saw the flexibility in the roof of what the color of the smoke it and whether or not there is flames breaching the roof and they just let the incident commander know. >> reporter: with crowds of spectators just across the street, chunks of the roof facade came crashing down on to the sidewalk. >> the facade has given way. the incident commander did a very good job in assessing the vulnerability of the structure and establish what we call a collapse zone to make sure that there was no one in front of the building and sure enough part tion of the facade did give way. the wind blew toxic smoke across the bay. firefighters worked to drown and surround the fire from outside the building. they used huge volumes of water from all available sources.
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including drafting water from the bay. the port says the vacant offenses in pier 29 were being emptied for use by the america's cup event next summer. there are conflicting events about whether or not welding and plumbing work were going on here at the time the fire start. >> it is preliminary. we have the arson team which is combined fire members and police members on scene to denver. initial reports is there was workers in the building but it is too early to confirm that was the cause and origin. >> heather ishimaru reporting. pier 29 goes way back. a picture we found of it in the 1930s. it has always been a working pier. and this is pier 29 in the 1960s. the most recent tenant moved to a new location shortly before the world cup construction project began. on to other news. thousand is of jobs on the horizon for oakland residents tonight thank foss the city council. the council unanimously approved a development project
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at the former army base in west oakland. it was made with one stipulation. large percentage of the jobs must be given to lowe cals. the plan is to turn the 366-acre base into a shipping packaging and redistribution center that will serve the port of oakland. job applicants with prior criminal records will not be prescreened. now, a local story gaining national attention. the prosecution is accusing a san francisco couple of vigilante justice in the murder of their daughter's pimp. abc 7 news reporter caroline tyler was in court today. >> reporter: family and friends of the suspect gathers gathered outside the courtroom. they are there to support 38-year-old gary and 37-year-old lupe accused of killing the man they say was pimping their teenaged caught. barry is a decent young
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man. him and his wife lu about pe are doesn't people and all they wanted to do was save their daughter. >> reporter: the san francisco parents are accused of gunning down 22-year-old cal lin sneed who lived in compton. the couple tracked him to north hollywood on may 27 prosecutors say shooting into his car but not seriously injuring him. early in the morning on june 4 when sneed was in san francisco police say the girl's father killed him just blocks from the family's bay view home. the district attorney calls it a vigilante murder. >> basically we have the parents that became the judge, the jury and the executioners. >> reporter: but the couple's attorney say while there is motive for the murder of kalvin sneed, lots of people wanted him dead. >> mr. sneed was in the mix. he is a gang member. he has been involved in gang fights and shootouts in los angeles and there are many people who had a motive to do
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harm to him. and we feel our clients are being unfairly targeted. >> reporter: the attorneys say for months the parents sought h help from law enforcement to rescue their 17-year-old. >> and mr. gilson made every effort he could to try and convince his daugher to come home and made every effort that he felt was reasonable to inform the authorities and seek assistance. >> i fully understand the frustration of the family felt. it is still i think is very he important to know that murder is murder and vigilante murder is still murder. >> reporter: the couple is being held on $2 million bail each. attorneys say the daughter is faith and she and her three brothers are now being cared for by family members. kalvin sneed's father admits his son was a pimp but said today he did not deserve to die like that. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. now, to an organized sting to crack down on criminals
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stealing copper and other pressure metals. law enforcement official from across contra costa county served search warrants on 7 recycling centers yesterday. nick smith has that story. >> reporter: the workers that the recycling center say that the owner wasn't available to speak to me but they along with six other recycling centers were targets of an undercover sting operation that the district attorney says lasted six months. >> my property being stole season in the millions of dollars. >> they accuse the recycling centers of buying scrap metal that could have been stolen from local utilities and ignoring the requirement that all transactions be recorded. also named were three facilities in richmond. two in pittsburgh. one in concord and one in martinez. according to law enforcement, all of the named recycling
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centers engaged in repeated offenses before the wants served. some as many as five to six times. >> we have seen people come with brand new spools of copper and scene people come in with 6-inch copper pipe which nobody would have 6-inch copper pipe. >> jay has operated his recycling center for two decades and prides himself on running a clean operation. >> we try to limit what we buy to what somebody should is have in their normal house. copper wire we get a lot of extension cord. i mean metal prices has gone through the roof. >> reporter: a favorite target of those looking to steal copper and other metals, utility companys. >> since 2005 to 2011 we experienced a loss of $5.2 million as a result of 2200 thefts. >> reporter: union park police arrest ared three men after stumbling across the suspects specials loading a truck with copper. abc 7 new was was there when police spotted the suspects next to the tracks in northbound richmond.
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officers stopped the train and jumped off with guns drawn. they found 30 to 40-pounds of wire in e ck of the truck. a spokesperson for union pacific railroad praised the sting operation saying that copper wire is an important part of their operational system and said that the damages and losses over the last few years have been substantial. news. a stunning admission in a san jose courtroom tonight. coming up an attorney says a former priest admits molesting this man but it is not the clergy on trial. the balancing act of a multiple scan sclerosis patient. the big cooldown has begun in a big way. i will show you how cool it will be where you are in my accuweather forecast coming up. is it really okay for pregnant women to drink alcohol? abc 7 news at 9:00
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an explosive day in a san jose courtroom in the trial of a man charged with beating the priest he says molested him as a child. karina rusk was there. >> reporter: will lynch is getting his day in court albeit as a defendant accused of beating the priest he says molested him.
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in the opening statement the prosecutor made a stunning admission. she says the evidence will prove father jarred lindner molested lynch as a child and would probably lie about it on the stand. >> she is calling the own victim a rapist and molester and that goes toward his credibility. >> the deputy d.a. first showed a blown up picture of the bloodied and bruised father linder in and said it did not give lynch the permission to play out what she called vigilante justice in 2010. lynch seemed to take responsibility for the confrontation with father linder in at the church's los gentleman tows retirement community. >> i did everything i could do under the law. where does my moral obligation to myself, you know, to society to prohe text society from him super seed the law of the land?
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>> there were also clips of lynch crying as he explained in graphic detail the abuse he says he suffered at age 7 and his brother at age four. and that is what the defense tried to drive home to the jury. >> the one thing that i think that the lawyer pointed out well, is this is not simple molestation. this is rape and sodomy and forced incest and horrible, horrible, evil sadistic stuff. it is not just molest. >> reporter: late in the day, the father took the stand and denied molesting lynch and his brother. the prosecution declined to comment about lynch's attorney pat harris did. >> i will start a campaign from not woman his supporters but also this county we are going to make sure that father linder in is charged with perjury in the case. >> the father also testified that it was lynch who lured him into a meeting and repeatedly punched him in the face. the former priest returns to the stand tomorrow.
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in san jose, karina rusk, abc 7 news. a 17-year-old from san rafael has pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder and stealing a celebrity chef's car. he entered a plea after his lawyer lott a bid to separate the charges. he wanted the theft charge tried in juvenile court. he was arrested in april in an investigation of a drive-by shooting. police say he tried to shoot a woman and her boyfriend and that she rejected wade's advances. wade's attorney says his client's family is behind him. >> he has the support of his parents. they love him and his family loves him. he has a younger half brother who loves him. >> wade is also accused of stealing a yellow lamborghini belonging to food network chef guy fierri. it was lifted after someone repelled through the roof of a dealership. wade faces a 30 year prison sentence if convicted on all counts. let's take a look at the weather. spencer, it is officially sum.
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arrived this afternoon at 4:09 pacific daylight time and with a great deal of heat i might add. at the moment cooling down sharply. a live view from the high definition sutro camera. still a bright sky but look at that marine layer rolling in through the golden gate and cooling influence has begun as the low clouds and fog are returning to the bay area forcefully. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. skies clear as you can see here. no rain approaching us. not any real measurable rainfall. but we do have the clouds coming in and a little bit of moisture in the cloud. how about the heat this afternoon. high temperatures climbed up to 95 at clover dale. 96 ukiah. 96 at fairfield and antioch. 97 liver more. 96 morgan hill. 94 san jose and 75 here in san francisco. and this, of course, the cooling arrives this is a time lapse view from the sutro camera this evening showing the arrival of that marine layer
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that is just deepening and pushing cool air into those areas many of those areas that were hot this afternoon. it is down to 60 degrees now in santa rosa. a 31-degree tumble from the high temperature today. 32 degrees cooler in nevado than the high earlier today. and on we go. antioch still the warm spot at 81 degrees. 55 san francisco. coastal clouds increase overnight. the cooling down sharply tomorrow. and remaining cool into next week. pattern that is developing now. going to be a sustained pattern for five days of much cooler than average weather. water vapor satellite image shows the upper level lowell off to the southwest. directing its cooling influence at us in the way of cooler marine air and low clouds and fog. overnight might even see drizzle along the san mateo county coastline along with the low clouds and fog locally inland. low temperatures in the mid 50s. breezy in the delta air.
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>> ia. 5:00 tomorrow morning lots of low clouds and fog in the inland areas. burn back a little bit but still remain foggy along the coastline and along the bay. we will see sunshine in the inland areas. more than 20 degrees cooler tomorrow than today in many inland spots and right around the bay. a temperature range from 50s to 70s tomorrow. start in the south bay. highs reach only into the low 70s for the most part. 71 santa clara. 72 cupertino. highs in the mid 60s. mid to upper 50s on the coast. downtown san francisco a high of only 60 tomorrow. in the north bay highs mainly in the low he 70s up around calistoga, santa rosa. 68 napa. near east bay. 63 oakland. 66 union city. the inland east bay highs in the low to mid 70s. and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. high temperatures will reach only into the mid 70s in the inland locations for the next five days through next monday. up ever 60s to around 70 around the bay.
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upper 50s to near 60 on the coast. and finally next tuesday and wednesday we will see inland high temperatures climbing back into the low 80s. so although we have summer's heat this afternoon the first five days of summer will be very cool. >> might need to heat up the pool. >> just might. >> and the hot tub. >> and the hot tub. >> i like that. >> thank you spencer. always a little uncomfortable to watch pregnant women drinking alcohol. tonight a new study that tells ♪
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woooo! [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every step of the way. a new study about drinking and pregnancy is creating a firestorm tonight. pregnant women in america have long been told that if you consume alcohol you risk harming your developing child. but the study says 8 drinks a week is not a problem.
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abc 7's amy robart has more on this heated debate. >> down the hatch. >> an uncomfortable scene watching a pregnant woman drink in a bar. this woman is an actress playing a part for abc 7's what would you do. she is not really pregnant, just pretending to be. and it looks like she is drinking hard alcohol heavily. the reaction is fierce. >> ever since the 1970s, we have been told pregnancy and alcohol don't mix. but today a new study reveals drinking in moderation while pregnant might not be harmful after all. it looked at more than 1600 pregnant women who drank 1 to 8 drinks a week. five years later their children did not perform any worse on organizational and iq tests than children whose mothers didn't drink during their pregnancies. and surprisingly occasional binge drinking which means
9:25 pm
having five or more drinks in one sitting also did not have any significant effect. moms have been buzzing about this study online most wondering why take the chance. on a parenting blog is having a drink really that important to you? but other mothers were relieve. >> it is reassuring and good news. >> katherine donaldson evans lightly drank during her pregnancy. >> why risk drinking while pregnant? >> i enjoy an occasional grass of wine. i don't think it is a big risk. >> heavy drinking can harm fetal development and doctors said even moderate drinking is not advisable. some like dr. jennifer ashton say better safe than sorry. >> we he do know that alcohol is a toxin and definitely can affect neurologic development. my answer is don't consume any alcohol at all for the 40 creeks that you are pregnant. -- 40 weeks that you are pregnant. >> experts know that pregnant women drink.
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studies show up to 30% of women use alcohol at some point during their pregnancy. in other health news a study finds one in eight patients develop post traumatic stress disorder after suffering a heart attack or other serious cardiac episodes. they analyzed patients and found patients who developed ptsd were at double the risk for another heart attack or death within one to three years. >> up next, power play. the president in a duel with congress. the new showdown over the fast and furious program. plus, the tsunami debris washing up on the west coast. a local researchers on the hazardous cargo that is also onboard. >> the nightmare in the air over sin city. the in flight emergency that had passengers reaching
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good evening again. let's get a quick check of tonight's top stories. it has taken hours for giant traffic backup to ease after a fire at pier 29 shut down the embarcadero shortly before the evening commute. the pier was vacant at the time but contained several parked cars. the cause is still under investigation. the attorneys for a san francisco couple accused of killing their teenaged daughter's pimp say the parents did not commit the crime. defense attorneys for barry gilton and lupe mother caddo say 22-year-old calle vin sneed was a gang member and others wanted him dead. the arraignment was postponed until friday. contra costa law enforcement cracking down on
9:31 pm
wire copper thefts are cracking down on recycling centers. they served search warrants yesterday after a six month undercover sting operation. the district attorney accuses of centers of buying potentially stolen scrap metal, paying cash and not recording the transactions. accusations of a cover up a and attorney general eric holder cited for contempt of congress. a showdown between the obama administration and house republicans over the botched gun running program called fast and furious is intensifying. as jake tapper reports it prompted president obama to do something he has never done before. >> reporter: president obama today for the first time asserted executive privilege to shield justice department documents dealing with what has become known as the fast and furious scandal. the response from house republicans was itself fast and furious. >> the lack of transparency with respect to a dead border patrol agent is sickening and this morning's threat of asserting executive privilege to maintain the veil of secrecy
9:32 pm
is even more sickening. >> reporter: the secret law enforcement program allowed criminals to buy guns so government agents could trace them to mexican drug cartels but blowback came and it was tragic. the government lost track of hundreds of guns which started showing up at crime scenes including the site where u.s. border agent brian terry was murdered in december of 2010. initially the justice department said they did not allow guns to flow into mexico but that was false and months later they took it back. the program was disbanded and disowned. attorney general eric holder always denied knowing anything about the program but house republicans have been pushing him it disclose what he and other officials knew and when they knew it. democrats called it a partisan witch hunt. >> at some point have you no shame, you know? >> pressure grew. >> this is a big scandal. people who have screwed up will
9:33 pm
be held accountable. >> reporter: one official resigned and another demoted. though holder has turned over thousands of documents he is refusing to turn over additional ones republicans call key. there is things being hidden that you don't want us to see. >> there is no attempt ni ni kind of cover up a. we are not going to be hiding behind any privileges or anything. >> reporter: now, the attorney general is hiding behind privilege. president obama says he is invoking privilege so that members of the administration can have candid conversations without worrying about congress snooping around in their e-mails. jake tapper, abc news, the white house. ebipartisan's election commission is injecting new volatility. on the eve of an expected announcement the panel today delayed its determination as to who won the presidential runoff. the delay comes as egyptians are still grappling with confusion over the health of
9:34 pm
former president hosni mubarak. he was reported near death yesterday but today his lawyer denied it saying that mubarak had merely fallen in the bath tub. in greece, a prime minister sworn in and a coalition government takes place. the prime minister gave his oath before the archbishop. he says the government will uphold the country's international bailout commitments. there is pressure to get things done. >> a bailout agreement with europe. well, a wild ride for passengers onboard a jetblue flight from las vegas to new york this weekend. mechanical failures sent the plane lurching back and forth in the sky for hours before landing safely. the story tonight from lisa stark. >> we are just trying to work through the situation. >> reporter: you are listening to the pilot of jetblue flight 194 on its way from las vegas to new york. a flight that passengers say was filled with terrifying steep turns and side so side
9:35 pm
lurches causing people to get sick. a brooklyn passenger knew something was wrong right from takeoff saying you could hear a screeching and obvious mechanical screeching. we were bouncing around a lot. >> right now it is -- >> 194 roger. and how many onboard. >> 155 souls. >> in addition to losing two hydraulic system the pilot said he needs to circle and burn fuel before returning to vegas. one flight attendant said look at me i'm smiling. if i was scared you would know if. i'm not scared you don't need to be. but passengers described the flight as four hours of hell. jetblue says the captain declared an emergency due to a mechanical indication in the cockpit and out of abundance of caution the flight returned to las vegas and was towed to the gate. >> even if all of the hydraulic capabilities go away there is
9:36 pm
still a method of controlling an airplane. >> s.c.kupp was on the flight tweeting. the plane turn inside a vomittorium for four hours and after that i'm still in las vegas. others tweeted he just happy to be back on the ground. mid flight emergency but they kept us calm and informed through the emergency landing. >> the yet was an air bus a 320 and airbus insists the plane has enough backup systems that the passengers were not in danger are but clearly it was a terrifying ordeal for those onboard. lisa stark, abc news, washington. a large donation of money to the red cross is going to save lives and promote safety. in burlingame the community safety foundation a private nonprofit organization funded by triple-a insurance donated $1 million to the american red cross. the money will go towards paying for disaster training and preparedness efforts. up to 300 triple-a insurance
9:37 pm
employees demonstrated how one skill combines both objectives. they were trained in cpr and in basic first aid. tsunami debris in japan is hitting the west coast and a bay area researcher says there is hazardous cargo along for the ride. wayne freedman brings us that story. >> reporter: it is the biggest thing to wash ashore in oregon in a long time. a 7 feet tall 19 feet wide 66 feet long. a dock that crossed the pacific after japan's tsunami now covered with nonnative marine live. hence the shoveling and burning and the dic disposing and worr. >> if they came established and viable populations they may spread up and down the coastline. >> in treality that dock in oregon only calls attention to decade.g building for dick
9:38 pm
organisms getting transferred to another part of the world where they attach themselves. >> this is a colonial sea squirt from asia. >> in richmond's dock harbor today, dr. andrew cohen held much of the world in his hand. nonnative species he pulled from beneath the dock. >> it could become huge especially if it becomes a situation where regulatory agencies mandate that remediation has to take place. >> this morning dr. cohen was concerned with identifying nonnative giant pacific s1sters that came from the south bay and from mayor island. the state tried to control the spreading by hand picking them in places. he wanted to know if they managed to reproduce two or three times. they did and that is a problem. >> that said to us that they probably have the ability to become established and stay here and so if we don't want that to happen we need to continue collecting them and
9:39 pm
get rid of them. >> reporter: the story of one nonnative species among many, threatening to make every special place ununiquely the same. from richmond, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. well, coming up next, the balancing act of a multiple sclerosis patient. she is able to walk thanks to the vest that she is wearing. plus, the san francisco building that may be the building that may be the greenest must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end.
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for patients suffering from multiple sclerosis just controlling their bodies with be a challenge. a simple device developed in the bay area is helping patients move far more smoothly. health and science reporter
9:43 pm
carolyn johnson has look. >> try to stay upright. okay. let's take your feet apart a minute. >> reporter: for mary spencer just standing up straight can be a challenge. multiple sclerosis has left her muscles prone to wild movements. >> you can't tell what direction is what. your body doesn't know what is up or down. >> reporter: but she shays her ability to move normally improved dramatically. not from taking medication but simply putting on the vest. >> this is the balance wear assessment vest. >> reporter: the vest called balance wear is the creation of oakland physical therapist cynthia gibson horn. she designed to it to compensate for involuntary movement. it allows therapists to move the shapes around as they test the effect on patients. >> if the patient has a balance problem and i can identify the directional losses of balance then we can treat those by strategically placing those light weights in the vest and
9:44 pm
right away you will know that same treatment whether or not your patient is going to benefit. >> we asked mary to walk down a flight of steps without the vest/notice her upper body swaying as she struggles to keep her balance. next, cynthia places several weights in the vest. back on the step's mary's gait is noticeably smoother and she says more controlled. >> i thought it might be too heavy but it is not. it feels good if i am stabilized. >> and if you think about balance it is the foundation of movement so you couldn't even sit unless you had balance. >> reporter: cynthia says more than 400 patients have benefited with the vests. research teams at two universities received a grant from the national institutes of health to study the device long-term effectiveness. for mary the results have
9:45 pm
already been life changing. >> i have this freedom to move without thinking where are do i need to be, how do i need to stand. >> reporter: carolyn johnson, abc 7 news. now, the vest system comes in two models ranging from about $800 to $950. the more expensive version with a ridged by back is covered by medicare around the lighter version is not. move aside solar. san francisco's greenest building is turning the city's windy weather into its own source of electricity. the glass covered building sits at golden gate avenue and polk street and is the new home of the san francisco public utilities commission. the 13 story structure uses solar power but also has several wind turbines along the front that generate 7% of the building's energy needs. the lights even dim if they are nearest any window. >> there are sensors on the side of the window that see how bright it is outside and how sunny it is outside and they raise and lower shades to make sure the lighting inside the
9:46 pm
building is appropriate for the staff. >> the building will not only harvest rainwater but it will also reuse 100% of its wastewater and that does include the water coming from the bathrooms. up next, today is the longest day of the year. so what is different about this summer solstice than in other years? abc 7 news at 9:00 will be right t t t
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it is now officially summer as you look at a live picture of san francisco. today summer soltice marks the longest day of the year. this year's solstice is one day earlier because 2012 is a leap year. today the north pole is leaning more toward the sun than on any other day of the year.
9:50 pm
of course, the opposite holds true for the southern hemisphere where today is the winter solstice which is the shortest day of the year. let's check in with spencer christian. did you feel the north pole leaning a little more are towards the sun today? >> i thought it was sort of leaping as opposed to leaning. it certainly felt warm today. looking at the national map for tomorrow, it is going to be very, very warm in the northeast. a high of 103 in boston tomorrow. 99 new york. 99 washington, d.c. down in the southwest, hot as well with a high of 111 phoenix. but that is not unusual. around the state of california warm in the interior sections but cooler on the coast and that includes the bay area. we will cool down sharply from today's mid to upper 90s inland. tomorrow we will have low to mid 70s inland. windy out in the delta area. foggy along the coast and around the bay. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we have five days of much cooler than average weather coming our way. the first five full days of summer. we'll have temperatures inland
9:51 pm
in the 70s. 60s around the bay. upper 50s on the coast. won't see temperatures in the 80s again until the middle of next week. how is that for summer weather? >> welcome, summer. larry beil is here. we baseball. >> today is the longest day of the year? >> supposed to be. >> no wonder i feel so tired. that extra minute or whatever it is. the a's had a chance to help out the giants tonight. facing the first place dodgers. you make the call here. is this a catch? josh retti go going
9:52 pm
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coming up tonight, a bay area billionaire buys almost an entire hawaiian island. what he likely paid. and a bear cub returned to the wild. why some people are calling it a big mistake. all ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00. larry beil here talking about baseball. who won and who lost. >> the giants down in the oc as we say, orange county trying to take the rubber match of a three game series they had the
9:55 pm
misfortune of facing the angels ace jarred weaver in his first start back after a stint on the disabled list. threw a no hitter on may 2. i tell you what, great stuff again tonight. first batter of the game. a taste of weaver's nastiness. takes buster posey with a high heave. only struck out three. angels get on the board as alberto hits his fourth homer of the year. a solo shot in the second. angels tack on a item of couple of more in the fog. tremendous. single to center. aybar and the angels go up 3-0. just went final. 6 h-0 angels over the giants. as for the a's they honored they are second baseman before their game with the dodgers tonight. in the second, arribe. josh rest tig appears to catch the ball but flies out on impact. take a look with the replay. he's got it. he's got it.
9:56 pm
he's got it. it flies out. juan rivera came in to make it 1-0 l.a. a's tie it up on a double by seth smith. tommy malone complete game retired 13 consecutive dodgers at one point. and brandon moss deep into the night. his 7th of the year in 13 games for the a's as they win by a score of 4-1. ever since jason giambi left the athletics it seems like they have been searching for a reliable first baseman and a guy who could hit with power. as mike shumann reports they that i have found their guy in the aforementioned brandon moss. >> he drives one to right and the a's are going to take the lead. that baby is way out of here! third deck! >> 28-year-old ha brandon moss has been ranking since he has been brought up from triple-a on june 6. >> i'm thankful for another opportunity here that i thought
9:57 pm
i would never have that you don't want to leave anything on the table and have any regrets. >> he came to spring training with 13 other outfielders and knew his chance of making the bigs was limited. his manager of triple-a asked him what he could do to get him back to the show and brandon said let me play first base. >> you know, i wasn't a gold glover but i was comfortable and felt like it could be something to help me get back up here or at least offer versatility. >> the clubhouse has a way of making somebody feel welcome. >> absolutely. a lot of good character guys on the team. >> he has hit six homeruns with 11 rbis since being brought up and earned him player of the week in the american league. >> something i didn't think about. obviously when you are called up you don't think about getting to -- just so hard 20 do. you are in a league with so many great players. i'm thankful for it. >> a nice story for a guy that has had a couple of opportunities at the big league level and really hasn't seized it to the point that he has
9:58 pm
right now. he has been key for us as far as the offense and you know gives us some depth throughout the lineup. >> reporter: brandon seems to have solidified the revolving door at the first base position. >> i wouldn't say i solidified anything. is good week is a good week. not a good year and not a good career. at the same time i'm happy with starting off fast and making a good first impression. >> nice to see a guy who appreciates being up in the big leagues and brandon doesn't plan on leaving any time soon. in oakland, mike shumann, abc 7 sports. >> lebron james missed the final moments of game four of the nba finals with leg cramps. practiced today and will play tomorrow night. james was on the bench late. chalmers for a key hoop. looking ahead to game five. dwayne knows the heat are focused on wrapping up the
9:59 pm
crown. >> the reason it is not hard to keep the focus is we have had a lead in the finals up two games to one and wound up losing the finals. for this team i think we understand the moment is the biggest thing. >> the 49ers have signed the first-round pick a.j. jenkins. four year deal reportedly worth almost $7 million. receiver out of illinois. the last draft pick to sign with the team. the challenge will be playing time because with moss and manning ham in camp it will be hard to get reps. the ultimate baseball promotion. the rays turn back the clock on june 30 and they have the uniform but the team wasn't even born until 1998 so they made up hypothetical 1979 unis and no doubt will try to sell a bunch of the hypothetical uniforms. they are styling and profiling. >> that looked like some of that uncomfortable polyesther i used to have to wear in


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